Our Programs

Waggoner Financial has a uniquely tailored investment approach which we further refine to accommodate the developing needs, goals, and visions of our more than 300 clients.



We use Prosper for those who are at the beginning of their financial planning journey. We know that to be the best version of yourself, financial problems need to be solved first so you can focus on the things that really matter to you in life— your passions. Under the Prosperapproach, we focus on creating a blueprint to financial well-being that may include education and services such as a detailed savings strategy, Roth IRAs, and insurance. 

Our goal is for you to charge forward toward your aspirational goals and dreams without uncertainty.


Many of our clients are already working with a financial advisor and have accumulated significant assets. Others have worked hard to build their wealth and now they do not know how to manage a large portfolio on their own while mitigating tax, estate, and insurance considerations.

These clients come to us with questions such as: 

  • Am I missing out on new opportunities because I don’t have a partnership relationship with my advisor? 
  • Am I getting the highest after-tax return for the amount of risk I am willing to take?
  • How often should my financial advisor reach out to discuss whether my portfolio is meeting my needs and goals? 

With an in-house team of Investment & Research Analysts, we specialize in the strategic management of sophisticated portfolios.

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Enterprise is Waggoner Financial’s specialized plan for business owners and executives. Our benefit packages provide closely-held companies the tools necessary to attract and retain talented professionals while achieving tax-efficiency for owners. After designing and implementing a solution, we educate participants and serve as a resource for everyone — owners, executives, and employees.

We also work with executives of publicly-traded companies and understand well the ins and outs of their benefit packages and executive compensation.

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